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Hate Crimes in Shawano Still Haven’t Been Investigated

by: Robert G Doubletree

May 16, 2012

Shawano, WI is home to an educational organization known as SIST that was founded by a businessman from India.  The organization owns and operates several businesses in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  The businesses fund a school for poor and underprivileged children in India.  The Indian businessman has been approached numerous times throughout the years by cult leaders from Catholic and Lutheran religious sects who have demanded that he change the school from a secular institution to a religious institution controlled by the Churches in the United States.  Having been in the United States for 20 years prior to the opening of the school in 1993, he was aware of and has been the target of the animosity, prejudice, and hatred prevalent in the United States.  He was also aware of the bestial symbolic cannibalism, and racial and religious bigotry propagated by Catholic and Lutheran ministers in the United States.

The country where the businessman comes from, India, has always been a peaceful country.  There have been many conquests of India by foreign invaders, but no invader has ever been as bloodthirsty, vicious, and vile as the Christians.  An example of Christian love and tolerance:  In Nigeria, Christianity’s deadly love was demonstrated on the 28th of August, 2011; Birom (Berom) Christians recorded themselves in videos and pictures eating Muslims they had killed and roasted. The event occurred when Christians surrounded Muslims observing their Eid annual holy devotion.  Christians surrounded the praying Muslims, burned their cars, pelted them and then killed, roasted and ate some of them.  It is due to historical facts like this that the businessman from India refused to bow to the Catholic and Lutheran demands to convert the school to a religious institution.  Read more and check out the pictures and videos: http://bit.ly/L6HMlF and http://bit.ly/L6HXNF

In Shawano, WI, a vicious Lutheran extremist cult leader was voted into power as mayor in 2002.  During her mayoral campaign she promised all of the white bigoted Catholic and Lutheran extremist cult business leaders that she would “drive the dot-head back to his mud hut,” referring to the businessman from India.  Throughout her campaign and continuing up to this day she has constantly referred to him as a “swamp-nigger, gook, dot-head, and coon.”  As soon as she took power she set up her grandson, Jeff Lenzner, as a city cop, and her son-in-law, George Lenzner as a county sheriff.  Their first orders of business were to remove all records of the atrocities committed in the community against the businessman from India prior to her taking office.

His house has been shot at seven times, his property was bombed, someone shot arrows through his garage windows, and for almost forty years straight now people have driven by almost every single night screaming obscene epithets and honking their horns outside his house.  The police get called many times a week about these issues, yet there are hardly any reports in their files.  SIST owns many properties and businesses in the Shawano area.

SIST’s People’s Express gas stations are constant targets of theft, harassment and intimidation.  People constantly fill up their tanks and drive off.  All three stations have now become prepay only stations; an unheard of phenomena in a town of less than 10,000 people in the midwestern United States.  When the People’s Express workers call the police, the cops rarely do anything to help them.  Someone robbed one of the gas stations at gunpoint, the culprit was never caught.  On a regular basis the police pull people over as they are turning into the stations, and then tie up the pumps for hours as they search their victims cars and block other customers from being able to get gas.  The police regularly storm into the stations and take random pictures just to intimidate the workers and scare customers away.

SIST owns the Ponderosa restaurant building.  In 2008 the tenant, William Janney of Shaw-Bay, Inc. was almost two years behind in their rent payments.  They were also not keeping up with the required maintenance of the building.  SIST reached an agreement with Shaw-Bay that SIST would forgive the past payments and take over the business.   Malea Norton was to continue as the manager, all the same employees were to remain employed, the Ponderosa franchise was to be transferred to SIST, and business was to continue as usual without any interruption.  On August 24, 2008 the CEO of SIST, Naomi Isaacson, received a call that the Ponderosa restaurant was surrounded with cars and people were cleaning out the property.  She arrived on the crime scene and was confronted by Shawano cop Ryan Atkinson.  Under the vicious cult leader, Lorna Marquardt’s orders, Atkinson arrested her, charged her with “trespassing” on her own property, fractured her wrists, dislocated her shoulders, and then let her go with orders that she was not allowed to step foot on her own property until everyone was done looting the place.  For the next 24 hours Naomi Isaacson was forced to watch helplessly from the sidewalk as the building was gutted, looted, and completely destroyed.  Again, not a single government official, congressman, or law enforcement member of any kind has stepped forward to offer assistance to help bring the criminals to justice.  For more information visit http://bit.ly/JjFrTE

Another travesty of justice is the USA International Raceway.  When it was first purchased by SIST, it was just a decrepit  amusement park that was more scary to visit than it was amusing.   The go-karts were a sight to behold and a challenge to drive.  You were lucky to make it around the track without pushing the go-kart yourself or climbing out of potholes on the track.  Within a year of ownership SIST reinvented the facility and invested millions of dollars into it, turning it into a world renowned elite go-kart and motocross racetrack favorited by people around the world.  It was even host to many Stars of Karting, WKA, and AMA races.  The top racers in the world loved the track, racing at breathtaking speeds that often exceeded 120 mph.  It brought tens of thousands of tourists and millions of dollars to Shawano’s economy with every race.  Seeing how prosperous the track was, the vicious white supremacist Lutheran extremist cult leader, Lorna Marquardt, conspired to steal the track from SIST.  She ultimately succeeded, and now the property sits desolate, a decayed ghost of its former self.  The buildings are falling apart, the asphalt is breaking up, nobody races there now.  Not a single government agency, law enforcement official, or congressman has stepped forward to investigate this matter.  For more on this read the report at http://bit.ly/K9KkQD

SIST and the businessman from India who founded the organization were the target of a hit-list conspiracy started by the vicious white supremacist Lutheran extremist cult leader of Shawano, Lorna Marquardt.  A Canadian individual, Robert Cameron, vicious cult leader Lorna Marquardt, Jim Stadler, and Ed Whealon to rob $175,000 from SIST. Cameron came to SIST under the guise of wanting to be hired as a promoter for USA International Raceway. To further entice SIST to accept Cameron’s racetrack promoter ploy, Cameron offered to lend SIST $10 million. The loan was to be funded within 24 hours of SIST’s payment of the $175,000 racetrack promotion fee. SIST wired the money to Cameron on October 28, 2008.  Cameron acknowledged receiving the money on October 31, 2008.  SIST’s $10 million was to have been wired on November 1, 2008. Instead, after scam artist Cameron took the $175,000, he informed SIST that he was a hired gun for Lorna Marquardt, Ed Whealon, and the FBI to rob SIST.  City officials then started a scandalous security alert propaganda campaign against SIST by creating a “hit list” to rouse, inflame, and terrorize the public to bring about SIST’s demise.  For months there were more articles published in the midwest against SIST and the businessman from India than there were about Osama Bin Laden.  Katie Couric and Armen Keteyian from CBS national news even took part in propagating the scam for the vicious cult leader of Shawano, Lorna Marquardt.  Again, no government agency, law enforcement officer, congressman, or senator has ever stepped in to do an investigation into the civil rights abuses in Shawano.  For more on this read the report at http://bit.ly/KmqVwi


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Monsignor Confesses He Wasn’t Qualified To Be A Gumshoe

May 16, 2012

Monsignor William J. Lynn confessed to a grand jury back in 2004 that he wasn’t qualified to investigate sexually abusive priests.

The monsignor’s admission came in response to a grand jury prosecutor, who asked Lynn if he realized that he needed more training to investigate sex crimes committed by priests against minors in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

“Today I do,” the monsignor told the grand jury back in 2004. When the grand jury prosecutor asked Lynn point-blank if he was qualified to investigate sex abuse, he responded simply, “No.”

The monsignor told the grand jury that he studied theology and philosophy at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, and also had a master’s degree in education administration. But when you’re trying to outwit a pedophile, “a degree in psychology, that would help,” the monsignor told the grand jury. So would some law enforcement seminars.

Instead, the monsignor testified that he relied upon “on the job” training when he became the archdiocese’s secretary for clergy back in 1992. Shortly after he took the job, Lynn found out that a major part of his duties involved investigating priests accused of sexually abusing minors.

“I thought I was dealing with them adequately,” the monsignor told the grand jury. But he admitted, “I don’t necessarily have the training to do it.”

Lynn’s 2004 grand jury testimony was read into the record Wednesday at the Archdiocese of Philadelphia sex abuse trial by Assistant District Attorney Anthony Pomeranz. Lynn is the first Catholic administrator in the country to be accused of conspiring to endanger the welfare of children by transferring abuser priests from parish to parish, often without any warnings to pastors or parishioners.

In 1994, two years after he had taken over as secretary for clergy, Lynn decided to do an inventory of the archdiocese’s secret archive files, to figure out exactly how many sexually abusive priests the archdiocese had on its payroll.

The job was daunting. The secret archives were held in two large file cabinets containing 323 confidential files dating back to at least the 1940s. Lynn told the grand jury that his bosses weren’t much help.

“I didn’t get any direction,” the monsignor told the grand jury.

The secret archive files contained all sorts of allegations from alleged victims, both named and unnamed. Cardinal Anthony J. Bevilacqua helped limit Lynn’s focus. During a conversation one day, the cardinal told Lynn, “We can’t get into anonymous allegations or complaints,”the monsignor testified.

So when Lynn went through the secret archive files, he compiled a list of only 35 priests who had either been convicted or accused of sexually abusing minors. When the district attorney decided to investigate, a wider net was cast. In response to subpoenas, the district attorney received 140 secret archive files from the archdiocese pertaining to abuser priests.

The monsignor told the grand jury that the list he drew up included only three confirmed pedophiles and a dozen priests credibly accused of sex abuse. For an allegation to be deemed credible, Lynn told the grand jury, he basically needed a priest to confess that he did it.

As to whether he should notify pastors that he was transferring a sexually abusive priest into their parish, “I think it would depend on the circumstances,” the monsignor told the grand jury. It would have to be decided on “a case by case basis.”

“There wouldn’t be a general announcement about what was in a priest’s background,” Lynn testified.

What little on the job training Lynn received came from his predecessor on the archdiocese pervert beat, the late Msgr. James E. Molloy. Some of Molloy’s notes to Lynn were read into the record Wednesday by Detective Joseph Walsh.

Molloy “seems like a meticulous guy?” asked Assistant District Attorney Patrick Blessington.

“He’s very, very detail-oriented,” Walsh replied.

Walsh read several versions of Lynn’s list into the record. The list was ordered shredded by Cardinal Bevilacqua in 1994, but Msgr. Molloy retained one copy that was found in a locked archdiocese safe in 2006. Several other working versions of the list were also found on diskettes, Walsh testified.

A prominent name on Lynn’s list was Father Edward V. Avery, a former defendant in the case who has already pleaded guilty to conspiracy and involuntary deviant sexual intercourse with a 10-year-old child. The other defendant in the case, Father James J. Brennan, was not mentioned in any of the versions of the Lynn memo read into record by Detective Walsh. Father Brennan is accused of conspiracy and attempted rape of a 14-year-old.

The archdiocese sex abuse trial is now in its eighth week of testimony in Courtroom 304 at the Criminal Justice Center. The prosecution is expected to rest its case at the end of court Thursday. There is no court scheduled for Monday. The defense is expected to put on its case during the remainder of next week.


Credit for this excellent reporting goes to Ralph Cipriano. Thank-you Ralph for doing what every other news media is failing to do. You are exposing the truth.

Reporters like David Hanners from St Paul Pioneer Press and Rick Romell from Milwaukee Journal spend their entire lives covering up their cult’s crimes in the regular news media.



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Planning a Gay Cruise to Thailand? Call Father Mike

May 15, 2012

Father Michael J. McCarthy like to sleep naked with teenage boys who stayed over his beach house at the Jersey Shore. He also ran a travel business on the side, planning gay cruises to places like Thailand.

Prosecutors on Tuesday used documents from the secret archive files introduced by Detective Joe Walsh to tell Father McCarthy’s story to the jury in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia sex abuse case.

Assistant District Attorney Patrick Blessington suggested that the church had turned a blind eye to Father McCarthy’s transgressions with teenage boys, as long as scandal could be avoided by transferring the priest to another parish. In September 1992, the cardinal promoted Father McCarthy to pastor of Epiphany of Our Lord Church in Norristown, despite two complaints of sex abuse in his file.

It was the priest’s business venture that got him into trouble, the prosecutor said, especially after the cardinal found out that Father McCarthy was taking business away from another local travel agent who had just donated $25,000 to the archdiocese for Catholic Life 2000.

The first complaint in the archdiocese’s secret archive files was made against Father McCarthy back in 1986. A mother reported to the archdiocese that in biology class at Cardinal O’Hara High, Father McCarthy had touched her son in an improper way, by running his hands down the boy’s back and buttocks.

The next victim, a married father of two daughters, called the archdiocese on Nov. 27, 1991, to say that Father McCarthy had abused him sexually from 1974 to 1976, when the boy was a student at Cardinal O’Hara High School in Springfield, and the priest was his biology teacher. McCarthy was on the faculty at Cardinal O’Hara from 1965 until 1989.

Father O’Hara invited the boy to stay at his beach house in Margate. The place had two bedrooms, but one belonged to his late mother, the priest told the victim, so that nobody else was allowed to sleep there. So the boy had to share the priest’s bedroom, and his bed.

The bar at Father McCarthy’s beach house stocked with at least 50 bottles of liquor, so the priest could serve lots of alcohol to his teenage house guests. He slept naked, and insisted the boys do the same.

The victim said that one night, after several drinks, Father McCarthy began stroking the boy’s genitals, to the point of orgasm. The priest told the victim he did this with other boys that he brought to the beach house. Then the priest “masturbated himself,” the victim said. The victim gave the names of four other victims to Msgr. James E. Molloy, assistant vicar for administration, and his assistant, Msgr. William J. Lynn.

Msgr. Lynn typed up his notes on Jan. 23, 1992, and had the victim sign it. In the margin, Msgr. Molloy admonished Msgr. Lynn for being too forthcoming. “Unnecessary statement,” Molloy wrote. “Never admit to victim that there have been other cases.”

On Feb. 17, 1992, Father McCarthy denied the victim’s accusation, writing, “To the best of my recollection, the incident alleged … never took place.” A handwritten note on the priest’s declaration, presumably from one of the monsignors, described the priest’s denial as “very guarded” and “suspicious.”

At the time, Father McCarthy was parochial administrator at St. Kevin in Springfield, but the priest wanted to be promoted to pastor.

But first, the cardinal’s men had to decide what to do about the victim’s charges. On July 14, 1992, Msgr. Lynn wrote a “confidential memorandum about his meeting with Father McCarthy and Msgr. Molloy. The purpose of the meeting, Lynn wrote, was to “convey Cardinal Bevilacqua’s directions to Father McCarthy concerning the pastorship of St. Kevin Parish.”

“Cardinal Bevilacqua has decided it is in Father McCarthy’s best interest not to be appointed pastor of St. Kevin Parish,” Lynn wrote. “The reason for this is the possibility that if appointed pastor of St. Kevin Parish, he could be the subject of great publicity and tarnished reputation should the complainant go public with his story.”

“Monsignor Molloy stated that there is the possibility of Father McCarthy being appointed pastor at another parish after an interval of time has passed,” Msgr. Lynn wrote. “This parish would be distant from St. Kevin Parish so that the profile can be as low as possible and not attract attention from the complainant. Monsignor Molloy stated that the Archbishop was not implying doubt about Father McCarthy’s ability to be a pastor.”

Within two weeks of his appointment, Father Michael O’Malley, a fellow priest at Epiphany complained to Msgr. Lynn about Father McCarthy’s open discussions about his visits to gay bars, and his constant sexual jokes and innuendos. Father O’Malley also told Msgr. Lynn that Father McCarthy kept a bag of gay pornographic tapes in his closet at the rectory. He also wasn’t an easy guy to live with. Father McCarthy was described by his fellow priests as “a man full of rage.”

At the time, the archdiocese was running a big fundraiser, Catholic Life 2000. On April 13, 1993, Cardinal Bevilacqua received a letter from a local travel agent, Lily Giuffrida, who said that her husband had just donated $25,000 to Catholic Life 2000. That had to get the cardinal’s attention.

Giufrida explained how she and her husband ran a travel agency that used to do a lot of business with the travel club at Epiphany of Our Lord. Her travel agency also had a policy of providing free trips for priests and nuns.

But after Father McCarthy took over Epiphany, Giuffrida learned that the priest was himself a travel agent, and that he booked tours through a rival travel agency. Giuffrida told the cardinal that she was upset because she and her husband “donate to Churches who now become our competitors.”

The secret archive files show that the cardinal took this complaint far more seriously than the previous complaints about Father McCarthy.

On April 20, 1993, according to the minutes of an “issues meeting,” the cardinal “requested that a high priority be placed on procuring all the facts related to” Lily Giuffrida’s charges. Two days later, Msgr. Lynn began an investigation.

Lynn visited the rectory when Father McCarthy was on vacation and found 13 gay porno videotapes in Father McCarthy’s closet. He also found a copy of “A Guide to the Gay Northeast,” and a gay travel guide to the hot spots of Thailand.

Msgr. confronted Father McCarthy on May 24, 1993, and informed him that moonlighting as a travel agent was a violation of canon law. Later that day, Cardinal Bevilacqua met with Father McCarthy at the cardinal’s residence. In the secret archive files, the cardinal wrote, “It had to be very obvious from my interview and the interview with Msgr. Lynn that implications of the material found were that Father McCarthy was homosexual.”

Two days later, Father McCarthy resigned as pastor of Epiphany and was placed on a health leave. The priest was shipped off to St. Luke Institute in Suitland, MD., where he was a patient from August 1993 until June 1994. The priest did not want to go to St. Luke’s. Prior to his hospitalization there, Father McCarthy sent a newspaper story to Msgr. Lynn. In the article, the priest had underlined a passage where it was stated that St. Luke’s used “chemical castration drugs” in therapy.

At St. Luke’s, Father McCarthy was diagnosed as having a condition known as “homosexual ephebophilia,” an attraction to post-pubescent boys. In the secret archive files, the therapists who treated the priest cited Father McCarthy’s “sexual acting out behaviors” with eight high school students at his summer home.

On July 25, 1994, Cardinal Bevilacqua placed Father McCarthy on administrative leave, and limited his priestly faculties to celebrating private Mass for his own benefit.

Upon his release from St. Luke’s halfway house in 1994, Father McCarthy got a job as a cashier on the graveyard shift at Merv Griffin’s Resorts Casino in Atlantic City. But he still dreamed about being a priest.

In 1998, Father McCarthy wrote Msgr. Lynn, asking to be appointed as pastor to St. Kevin’s parish. Lynn invited Father McCarthy to stop by his office and talk about it. In the meeting, Father McCarthy defended his conduct by saying he had “always acted out with age appropriateness” by having anonymous homosexual encounters with men in book stores or parks. He also challenged the accuracy of his diagnosis at St. Luke’s.

The secret archive files show that Msgr. Lynn went through the motions of checking back with the therapists at St. Luke’s, who said they had got it right the first time.

Then the archdiocese received another complaint about Father McCarthy. Two Irish immigrants wrote the archdiocese saying that Father McCarthy had let them live in a cottage on the grounds at St. Kevin’s for five years, while he had a homosexual affair with one of the immigrants. The men said the archdiocese owed them $60,000.

Msgr. Lynn told Father McCarthy to seek voluntary retirement, but he did not retire until October 2003.

On cross-examination, Jeff Lindy, a lawyer for Msgr. Lynn, suggested to Detective Walsh, as he has previously, that Cardinal Bevilacqua was the puppet-master at the archdiocese, and that Lynn was just doing his bidding.

“He was the man at the top controlling the archdiocese,” Lindy said of the late cardinal.

“He was the man at the top,” Walsh replied.

“He had the final say,” Walsh told Lindy during another point in the cross, but the detective cited other documents in the secret files that stated that the cardinal would “follow the recommendations of Msgr. Lynn.”

Lindy pointed out that it was the monsignor who shipped Father McCarthy off to St. Luke’s for evaluation, even though the priest had expressed concerns about “chemical castration drugs.”

“Father McCarthy stayed at St. Luke’s for a year or more, that place that he didn’t want to go?”Lindy asked.

“That is correct,” Detective Walsh replied. Lindy then tried to assert that it was also the monsignor who basically took Father McCarthy out of active ministry in 1993, by shipping him out to St. Luke’s, and then recommending that the priest be put on administrative leave.

But Detective Walsh responded that Father McCarthy was still able to function as a priest periodically over the years at family weddings and confirmations.

“He is a minister, he just doesn’t have an assignment,” Walsh said.


Credit for this excellent reporting goes to Ralph Cipriano. Thank-you Ralph for doing what every other news media is failing to do. You are exposing the truth.

Reporters like David Hanners from St Paul Pioneer Press and Rick Romell from Milwaukee Journal spend their entire lives covering up their cult’s crimes in the regular news media.



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A Shredded Memo, A Dead Cardinal, and A Bunch of Liars

May 14, 2012

A secret list of sexually abusive priests that Cardinal Bevilacqua ordered shredded in 1994 is now at the center of a tangled web of deception, lies and suspicious memory lapses.

Prosecutors in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia sex abuse case Monday tried to unravel the mystery in court, with messy results. On the witness stand was Timothy R. Coyne, a lawyer who was the former director of the archdiocese office for legal services. Coyne told the jury that when he originally went looking for the list in 2002, the first person he visited was Msgr. Lynn.

“He said he didn’t know where it was,” Coyne testified. Two years later, with grand jury subpoenas flying around, Coyne went on another search for the memo. He sent faxes to Cardinal Bevilacqua and three top aides, but once again, nobody knew where the list was.

But in 2006, when the list was suddenly rediscovered in a locked archdiocese safe, Coyne realized he’d been had.

“Somebody lied to me, or everybody lied to me,” Coyne told the jury about his former bosses at the archdiocese.

Msgr. Lynn took over the archdiocese office for clergy in 1992. Two years later, he was asked to investigate Father James M. Dux, a pedophile attracted to little boys. Father Dux had allegations against him from 11 alleged victims dating back to the 1960s. The priest was encouraged to retire in 1994. After the Father Dux case, Lynn told a grand jury in 2002, he wondered how many other abuser priests were out there still working for the archdiocese.

That prompted Lynn to plow through 323 secret archive files to find out if there was “anybody else in active ministry who had live claims against him,” Lynn told the grand jury in testimony read last week to the jury in Courtroom 304.

“It seems to me I was trying to give a full picture of sex abuse here,” Lynn told the grand jury. Lynn testified that he compiled the list for the benefit of his bosses. “The people above me should know what’s going on,” he said. The grand jury prosecutor asked Lynn if he kept a copy of the list. His response: “I can’t find that document.”

The memo referenced the Dux case as the catalyst for poring through the secret archive files. The result of Lynn’s search was a list of 35 priests that included three diagnosed pedophiles, a dozen priests either found guilty of sex abuse or who had admitted their guilt, and 20 additional priests accused of sexual misconduct.

Lynn drew up the list on Feb. 18, 1994, and sent it to Msgr. James E. Molloy, then the assistant vicar for administration. Lynn told the grand jury that of all his bosses, Molloy knew the most about sex crimes. He [Molloy] talked “like a policeman” speaking of credible or non-credible allegations and witnesses, Lynn told the grand jury.

The memo went up the archdiocese chain of command to Cardinal Anthony J. Bevilacqua, who ordered Molloy to shred the list, as well as the memo attached to it.

But the wily Molloy, who died in 2006, didn’t follow orders. On March 22, 1994, in a handwritten note, Molloy explained that he had shredded four copies of the memo and the list, as Cardinal Bevilacqua had ordered, but that he kept one copy, which turned out to be Lynn’s. The shredding was witnessed by the Rev. Joseph R. Cistone, who also signed the document.

The “shredding memo” or “treasure map” was found in a file cabinet on the 12th floor of archdiocese headquarters in early 2012. In the memo, it states that a copy of the shredded list of 35 sexually abusive priests was kept on the 10th floor of archdiocese headquarters, in the office of the secretary for clergy.

Meanwhile, on Feb. 23, 2002, in the wake of responding to the Boston archdiocese sex abuse scandal, Cardinal Bevilacqua made the mistake of allowing his spokesperson, Cathy Rossi, to mention that Philadelphia had 35 of its own abuser priests, as opposed to 80 in Boston. It was done in the context of reassuring the faithful that Philadelphia didn’t have a Boston-style sex abuse problem, and that in Philadelphia, only 35 priests had molested 50 children over five decades. “We don’t have the problems of Boston,” Rossi told reporters, adding that the archdiocese had already gotten rid of six of the 35 abusers.

Instead of quelling outrage, however, the mention of 35 priests by Bevilacqua’s spokesman prompted the Philadelphia district attorney and victims advocates to demand that the archdiocese turn over any list that it had, and publicly out the abusers. Rossi, acting on the advice of archdiocese lawyers, refused, and so the chase was on.

Over at archdiocese headquarters, lawyer Coyne was making his second search for the list of abuser priests. He sent faxes in 2004 to Msgr. Molloy, Bishop Edward P. Cullen and Father Cistone, but none of them knew where the list was, Coyne told the jury. Coyne also sent a fax to Cardinal Bevilacaqua, seeking the list. “I don’t have a recollection” of what the cardinal’s response was, Coyne told the jury.

Yeah, right.

The last copy of the list was discovered in 2006, in a locked safe on top of a file cabinet on the tenth floor of archdiocese headquarters, in the secretary for clergy office. The list was found by Louise Sullivan, director of operations in the clergy office. Sullivan said she was told to clean up the file room, and when she found the safe, colleagues told her it was probably empty. But when she hired a locksmith to drill open a combination lock on the the safe, inside, she discovered an accordion file with manilla folders in it. She told the jury last week that she gave the file to Father James Oliver.

When the memo was rediscovered, Coyne said he recognized it as “the original Dux memo.” He testified that it was handed to him by Msgr. Timothy C. Senior, who took over for Lynn in 2004 as secretary for clergy.

“He told me to hold on to it,” Coyne told the jury. Judge M. Teresa Sarmina interrupted the questioning to ask Coyne if he had a sense of seeing the memo before. “I really don’t remember,” Coyne told the judge.

Coyne said he put the memo in the top drawer of his file cabinet, and then “I forgot about it.”

In 2012, Robert Welch, a lawyer for the archdiocese, came to Coyne to inquire about the missing memo and list. After a confidential attorney-client conference, Coyne told the jury, he handed the documents to Welch. Coyne was subsequently suspended from his job.

On cross-examination, Thomas Bergstrom, a lawyer for Msgr. Lynn, asked about Coyne’s faxes to Cullen, Molloy and Cistone. Bergstrom reminded Coyne that he had gone on a “wild goose chase” seeking the memo and the list, and that the cardinal’s top aides had responded that they didn’t know where the missing documents were.

“Those men lied to you?” Bergtsrom asked.

“It appears so,” Coyne said.

Molloy died in 2006 at age 60; Cistone is now the bishop of Saginaw, Mich.

Bergstrom then brought up some more mysterious circumstances, namely the death of Cardinal Bevilacqua, whose died in his sleep on Jan. 31, 2012, at 88, a day after Judge Sarmina had ruled him competent to appear as a witness at this trial. Within 12 days of Bevilacqua’s death, Bergstrom reminded Coyne, the shredding memo written by Msgr. Molloy was discovered on the 12th floor of the archdiocese HQ, and the list of 35 sexually abusive priests compiled by Msgr. Lynn was discovered in a locked safe on the tenth floor of archdiocese HQ.

“That’s correct,” Coyne testified.

On redirect, Assistant District Attorney Patrick Blessington asked Coyne if he knew that along with the list, several old computer discs were discovered in that locked safe on the tenth floor. Coyne said he didn’t know anything about that.

With the discovery of the discs, did it seem to Coyne that Lynn had lied to him about not knowing where the missing documents were, Blessington asked.

“It does,” Coyne said.

That prompted Bergstrom to dress down Coyne, saying he had made a rush to judgment, without even knowing if the discs belonged to Lynn. Coyne agreed that he didn’t know who the discs belonged to.

Blessington asked Coyne if he suspected that Lynn was lying because it was Lynn’s copy of the memo that was discovered in a locked safe in Lynn’s old office. While Coyne was pondering that one, Bergstrom went on the attack again, saying, “This is getting funny. How do you know it’s his safe? You don’t know whose safe it was?”

No, Coyne said.

The comedy continued. Msgr. Timothy C. Senior, who replaced Lynn as secretary for clergy, followed Coyne to the witness stand. While Coyne testified that it was Msgr. Senior who gave him the missing files, Msgr. Senior told the jury, “I don’t remember giving these to Tim.”

Blessington told Senior, with all due respect, it sounded like he was blaming Coyne, and that Coyne was blaming him.

“I don’t know how to respond to that,” Senior told the jury. “I cannot say with certainty that I saw these files before.”

Last week, when she testified to the jury, Louise Sullivan, the official who found the files, said that she had informed Monsignor Senior about the discovery. But on the witness stand, Senior testified, “I do not remember Louise Sullivan telling me what she found in the safe.”

Did Msgr. Senior know who put those files in that safe in his office? “I do not know,” he told the jury. “I wasn’t there. I can’t say.”

Next on the stand was Father James Oliver, who worked in the office for the clergy when Sullivan discovered the missing files. It was Sullivan’s testimony that she handed those files to Father Oliver.

But when asked about that, Oliver told the jury, “I don’t recall.”

Judge Sarmina interrupted the questioning to ask Oliver if he recalled giving the files to Monsignor Senior.

“Your honor, I do not,” Father Oliver testified.


Credit for this excellent reporting goes to Ralph Cipriano. Thank-you Ralph for doing what every other news media is failing to do. You are exposing the truth.

Reporters like David Hanners from St Paul Pioneer Press and Rick Romell from Milwaukee Journal spend their entire lives covering up their cult’s crimes in the regular news media.



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What’s Shawano like? A Concerned Shawano Citizen’s Perspective

by: A concerned citizen (name withheld for safety reasons)


The city of Shawano, Wisconsin is a typical rural community with a sewer filled lake called Shawano Lake, a supposed tourist attraction according to the locals. Never mind that you break out in a rash whenever you go swimming in it. Shawano is also the county seat for Shawano County, and as you drive through the community it is like many others in these hard economic times. Law enforcement, both city and county, prey on the outsiders, especially out of state visitors. A saying often repeated by visitors as they leave the courthouse while on or after vacation in this county is “come on vacation and go home on probation.”

The recent election in April of the mayor and half of the city council shows how this community typically works. The Lutheran extremist Mayor, Lorna Marquardt, won her 6th two year term. Interestingly, not a campaign poster, sign, or newspaper ad noted that she was running for reelection. In fact, in the last two elections no mayoral ads have appeared. There were no ads or campaign signs out for the city council alderpersons who were also up for reelection. That is just the opposite of the election of the judge for the circuit court, where a race was on between the new governor appointed judge and a local attorney. Campaign signs and newspaper ads dominated the scene. The state law requires notification in the paper of any election, otherwise the local serfs wouldn’t know to vote. Perhaps the votes really aren’t necessary, but in keeping with the supposed democratic process the people can now think that they have voted.

A lot of politics are handled at the local diners that cater to the retired citizens here. In fact, in a community with 9305 people, or so the sign at the city limits states, one would expect to see some manufacturing plants. But this is a tourist community. A community that wants the money but not the people. Any observant visitor will notice that racial and religious discrimination is very prevalent. Ask the Menominee Indians that live on the Menominee Reservation 7 miles north of Shawano. A car with out of state plates or Native American plates will be pulled over, and 2 or more squads will be there to make sure that some charges can be filed. If you are one of the good old boys you can do no wrong. On the other hand, if you are Native American, Black, Asian, or any other non-white ethnicity, you can do no right. Pay attention, these are facts are repeated time and time again.

Example: At the Peoples Express gas station at 1206 E Green Bay St. An older man in his seventies stopped and filled up his black SUV. Most people pay attention when filling their gas tanks, but, about 2 gallons of gas supposedly spilled out of his vehicle’s gas tank. He said he should not have to pay for it, and that it was not his fault. He claimed something was wrong with the pump. The man was very insistent, so in keeping with the good customer service that Peoples Express emulates, the manager of the station gave the man partial credit for his spill and he left. The pump was tested after the man left and has been carefully watched since then, and no one else has had a problem with it. But this was not just some man, this happened to be one of the members of the Shawano County Board, Marlin Noeffke. It is hard to believe this was accidental, it is more likely a new tactic. That says a lot about our county government and the good old boys.

On Wednesday, May 9,2012 at 8 PM the Shawano City Council held its monthly meeting. The local paper (Neo-Nazi) Shawano Leader stated that revoking of alcohol licenses would dominate the meeting, and People’s Express licenses were supposedly up for revocation. In this country one presumes that the involved parties would be aware of any problems or issues, but SIST was never informed of any problems so the revocation notice in the paper came as a surprise. The paper did not give any details what the offense were. We, as representatives of Peoples Express attended the meeting, only aware of the what had been printed in the paper. When that item came up on the agenda at the meeting, City Attorney Tim Schmid advised the mayor and council members that they could not act on the item for the Peoples Express because notice had not been given to Peoples Express. Another item on the agenda was the approval of the liquor licenses for the year. As the council was ready to proceed with this item it was very apparent in the carefully worded questions that the council members had already determined that they had no desire to reissue People’s Express’ licenses. The council members and the attorney made no mention of SIST’s so called crime. No information was given. But that is how this city works.

A few years ago The Gathering, a local banquet hall, changed ownership. A wedding was scheduled to be held and the new owner did not have the necessary liquor license. That was no problem for Terry Hilgenberg, a prominent Realtor in the town. He quickly took the license from one of his establishments on South Main Street and transferred it to The Gathering. Illegal? Absolutely! But nothing was done about it. Just another example of how the city is run by the good old boys.

The three Peoples Express stations have endured many drive offs; all people sent by the mayor and police chief, and of course the perpetrators were never found. To add to their vicious tactics, the local police make sure to do their traffic stops right in front of the stations, having the cars pull into the stations where the gas pumps are. Of course another one or two squads are needed while they diligently search the vehicle. An hour later they still are blocking the pumps in an effort to intimidate SIST customers and send a silent message to the community. Don’t do business there. In fact, one professional person in Shawano said that St. James Church in Shawano told its members not to do business with SIST. Separation of church and state? That is a joke.

Report problems to the police you say? They do, and after waiting a long time for the officers to arrive, nothing is ever done. After a reported vandalism on South Main Street SIST requested the file number so they could obtain a copy. The police claimed no complaint was filed. One was generated later only because SIST had pictures of the incident, but according to the local officers nothing had happened. Vandalism of SIST buildings is a common occurrence, bullets have even been shot through windows, not once, but multiple times. Now this is not Milwaukee or Chicago, it’s a small town of 9300, and windows are being shot out. What is going on? Anyone with any common sense would start looking as to who would be carrying a gun around and shooting in the city. No one has ever been found. Someone wearing a hooded sweatshirt was seen running from the scene of one of the properties, but no one was caught or charged. Undoubtedly, the donut shops in town have lots of protection, though.

And as for trespassing on SIST property, Lt. Dan Maul of the city police told SIST personnel that for the first offense he would only warn trespassers. No charges would be filed. SIST has been told that they should install cameras at all their properties; of course their response is “that would save the local citizens lots of money because a city police force would no longer be needed.” He also said they should post “no trespassing” signs on the properties. Wisconsin state law states that is not necessary. Property does not need to be posted. It is obvious that the law only applies to whomever the local officials want it too. For SIST it is used to persecute them, but when other people break the law to harm or harass SIST, the criminals are exempt.


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Vicious Cults Agree to Obliterate SIST and Businessman from India

by: Robert G Doubletree

May 11, 2012

The fox has ruled that it was OK for the wolf to slaughter hens in the hen house.  Reminiscent of Nazi Germany, on Friday, May 11, 2012 federal judge Joan Ericksen ruled that Nancy Dreher did not abuse her discretion when she sanctioned attorneys Naomi Isaacson and Rebekah Nett each $5000 for calling her exactly what she is; a ‘black-robed bigot’ and a ‘Catholic knight witch-hunter’ in an affidavit to the court regarding the Yehud-Monosson bankruptcy.

Even though all of the attorney’s statements were based in historical facts, Joan Ericksen has stuck her head in the sand and pretended that history doesn’t exist.  Feigning a sudden case of amnesia, she has claimed to not know about the Jesuits’ involvement with, among other things, the African slave trade, the French Revolution, the Congress of Vienna, the American Civil War, Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, the Vietnam War, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, terrorism in the United States and the sinking of the Titanic.

That was to be expected though.  Joan Ericksen comes from the same religious extremist background as the notorious Catholic and Lutheran extremist white supremacist cult leader, Lorna Marquardt in Shawano, WI, where the whole travesty against Yehud-Monosson and its parent company, SIST, originated from.  Born in Pigs Eye, MN, Ericksen is a graduate of Olaf College, a school that was founded by Lutheran ministers and farmers in Northfield, MN.  Olaf is known for churning out white supremacist Lutheran extremists in their attempt to counter the evolution of society at large.  Even though the rest of the world believes in global progress for the betterment of society, most Olaf graduates believe in global progress for the enslavement of non-white non-Christian countries and people.

Never at a loss to spew priestly seed from his lips and fingertips, David Hanners from Pigs Eye Pioneer Press covered up the prejudice of the court by his biased inflammatory reporting.  He again claimed in his article dated May 14, 2012 that SIST is not an educational organization even though all evidence clearly proves that it is.  SIST is an educational organization founded by a businessman from India.  The educational organization operates a few businesses located in Minnesota and Wisconsin that fund a school in India.  However, David Hanners has again propagated the fallacy that SIST is a cult.

David Hanners, Nancy Dreher, Joan Ericksen, and the notorious Catholic and Lutheran extremist white supremacist cult leader, Lorna Marquardt, are all part of the mass conspiracy to pervert justice, rob SIST of their properties, and they are following Joseph Goebbel’s advice in order to do so; “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Why has David Hanners made such ludicrous unfounded allegations?  Why do the judges and trustees in the Yehud case see nothing wrong with their actions?  Because they are themselves members of the most vicious evil secretive cults in the world; the Catholic and Lutheran Churches.  David Hanners cult leaders are known first and foremost for raping little children, especially young boys.   They are also known for kidnapping children for use as sex slaves, selling children into the black-market for their internal organs, and shipping them to countries like Nicaragua and Guatemala for use as slaves in plantations owned by the Catholic Church and its many business fronts.

Even though David Hanners has refused to acknowledge the truth, there is currently a trial going on in Philadelphia that is bringing the truth of his baby-raping extremist religious sect to the light.  Msgr Lynn is on trial for covering up the criminal actions of Priests in the Philadelphia Archdiocese.  Many of the Priests were raping young boys and girls, and Msgr Lynn was concealing their actions from the law.  On May 14, 2012 while David Hanners was busy blowing smoke-screens to cover up the theft and extortion ring operated by his cult leaders in Minneapolis and Pigs Eye, an honest reporter in Philadelphia covering the trial said that “a secret list of sexually abusive priests that Cardinal Bevilacqua ordered shredded in 1994 is now at the center of a tangled web of deception, lies and suspicious memory lapses.”  While David Hanners was bashing two innocent attorneys for calling the black-robed bigot Dreher a Catholic Knight Witch Hunter, evidence of the perverse actions of  “35 priests that included three diagnosed pedophiles, a dozen priests either found guilty of sex abuse or who had admitted their guilt, and 20 additional priests accused of sexual misconduct” in Philadelphia was being read into court records.

The evidence speaks for itself.  Racially prejudiced religious bigots rule the midwestern United States.  They subscribe to the crazed NAZI Catholic and Lutheran extremist rhetoric and have the white supremacist mentality.  Both religious sects are responsible for the most horrific acts of torture, violence, and bloodshed throughout the world and throughout all of history.  What more can be expected coming from the most vicious sects on Earth, though?  While pointing fingers at the peaceful citizens of the middle-east, the Catholics and Lutherans still practice symbolic cannibalism; in a process called communion they pretend to eat human flesh and drink human blood.  There never was a more despicable breed of humans on the face of the Earth.

If you consider the folklore surrounding vampire stories and compare them with the beliefs of David Hanners Vatican-based religious sect, the claims are similar. Vampire myths (Dracula) and Christianity both believe that by drinking human blood, you will live forever.  Actually Catholic and Lutheran beliefs go one step further by requiring the eating of human flesh along with drinking the blood (John 6:53-55).   According to Catholic and Lutheran mythology, only by this cannibalistic act can you achieve “eternal life.”  Consider also that vampirism and their drinking of blood and immortality represent fiction, whereas Catholics and Lutherans actually believe their communal drinking of blood and eating of their savior’s corpse will earn them eternal life. Doesn’t this, at the very least, put Catholic and Lutheran vampirism in a more deleterious light than fictional vampires?

It is alarming when you realize the fictional Dracula story is based off a real character, Vlad III Dracul, best known as Vlad the Impaler.  Vlad was a personal friend of Pope Pius II who was best known for impaling his victims on wooden stakes.  In one town he impaled 20,000 Muslim Turks and then sat down to eat among their rotting corpses.  Yet these same vicious Catholic monsters are the people who today look down on Muslims and call them “terrorists.”  Who really are the terrorists?

Every country needs to be aware of what these vicious inhuman creatures really are.  Even though they look like humans, walk and talk like humans, and pass themselves off as humans, they are not human.  The atrocities they have committed against this businessman from India right here in the United States have proven what their true nature is.  All this Indian businessman has wanted to do was start a school in India, and operate businesses in the United States to fund that school.  Catholic and Lutheran leaders have been lurking at every turn to cause him countless problems.  They have stolen his properties, shot at him, vandalized his businesses, physically attacked innocent people involved with his businesses, looted his bank accounts, shot at his customers, the list goes on and on.  In the news media they portray him as the criminal, and they now portray attorneys Naomi Isaacson and Rebekah Nett as criminals, yet not one word has been said by the news media against the atrocities committed against him by these vicious religious Christian extremists; the Catholic and Lutheran cult leaders.


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Federal Judge, Donovan Frank, Says Attorney Should Lie and Decieve

by: Robert G Doubletree

May 11, 2012

On Friday, May 11, 2012 a federal judge in Minnesota, Donovan Frank, told attorney, Rebekah Nett that she has 60 days to dump all of her federal court clients.  Because she represented Yehud-Monosson, Inc in their bankruptcy case and stated the racial and religious prejudice of the judge and bankruptcy trustees in an affidavit to the court, he is now denying her the right to make a living.  Donovan Frank said he is planning to “screen” all her court filings for the next 60 days to prevent her from speaking out against the real sinister agenda of elusive Catholic cult leaders.

Donovan Frank has become the latest Judge to join the ranks in persecuting all who are involved with SIST, an educational organization that was founded by an immigrant from India.  Due to the darker color of his skin and non-Christian background, the businessman from India who founded SIST has been severely persecuted in the United States.  Most of his businesses and properties have been stolen by fanatical Catholic and Lutheran cult leaders and their business fronts in the United States.  They have been attempting to choke the financing for his school in India by making it almost impossible to do business in the United States and stealing his businesses; all under the color of law.  Christian extremist cult leaders have stolen millions of dollars from bank accounts associated with his businesses.

Jesuit and Lutheran extremist cult leaders have admitted they are furious that the Indian businessman has continued to operate the school in India and the businesses that fund the school regardless of their many attempts on his life.  His house has been shot at numerous times, his property was bombed, his gas stations have been robbed at gunpoint, and one of his gift stores was shot up during the Christmas holiday shopping season.  A customer at  one of SIST’s gas stations in St Paul was shot at while the gas station was being robbed in St Paul.  The bullet embedded in a cash register only two inches from the victim’s head.  No legal action has ever been taken against the Christian extremist perpetrators of these crimes.

Sources say Donovan Frank is a member of the Lutheran cult, a religious sect that celebrates cannibalism by pretending to eat flesh and drink blood every weekend.  The founder of the sect  was a Catholic priest who taught to kill Jews and anyone else who didn’t follow their depraved belief system and way of life in Germany.  Donovan Frank went to school at Luther College, a school founded on the principles of hate and bigotry homilized by Martin Luther.

Sources say Donovan Frank has been working with a notorious Catholic and Lutheran extremist white supremacist cult leader, Lorna Marquardt in Shawano, WI, to drive the businessman from India out of business.  The notorious Catholic and Lutheran extremist white supremacist cult leader Lorna Marquardt became mayor of Shawano by running her mayoral campaign on slogans like “I’ll drive that dot-head back to his mud hut,” referring to the businessman from India who founded SIST.  She regularly refers to him as the “swamp-nigger,” “dot-head,” and “coon,” but she claims she isn’t racist and denies that she is a cult leader.  Ex followers say she rules with an iron fist, considers Shawano county to be her own private kingdom, and tries to harass and kill anybody who doesn’t agree with her and do as they’re told.  As soon as she became mayor she set up her son-in-law as a sheriff and her grandson as a city police officer.  The police and sheriff departments are used as her private militia to enforce her totalitarian regimes laws and to kill and oppress anyone from a minority ethnic or religious background whom she deems unfit to live in “her kingdom.”

Due to their common race and religion, Donovan Frank has chosen to side with the notorious Catholic and Lutheran extremist white supremacist cult leader, Lorna Marquardt, to help the Jesuits drive out the founder of SIST and everyone associated with him and his businesses.  They will stop at nothing to achieve their objective.  They have stooped to slander, harassment, theft, and extortion under the color of law.  They are guilty of bombings, attempted murders, murder, and have even gone so far as to remove the evidence from police department records in order to cover their tracks.  These are all tactics religious Christian  extremists have used for generations to plunder and destroy civilizations worldwide.  Even though Donovan Frank is a federal judge, he sees nothing wrong with his actions.  Just because Attorney Rebekah Nett sided with SIST, and SIST is owned by a man from India with darker skin who doesn’t follow the bestial Christian religion, Donovan Frank believes Rebekah Nett has no right to make a living.

The news media is owned by the Catholic Church, so the real news is not allowed to ever reach the public.  The latest reporter covering the SIST cases is Emily Gurnon.  Sources say she is one of David Hanners girlfriends.  Emily Gurnon is the one responsible for sugar-coating the news during the Priest rape cases and the Archdiocese bankruptcy case in MInnesota.   Instead of informing the public of the real facts and telling people the Priests were anally raping young boys and forcing them to perform oral sex on the Priests, she termed it “molestation.”   She never once pointed out that the Archdiocese across the country have taken to filing serial bankruptcies in order to get out of paying their rape victims.  Inside sources at the Pioneer Press have said Emily Gurnon was told to mislead the public about what really happened and publish sugar-coated articles so the newspaper wouldn’t appear to be covering up the crimes of their Catholic cult leaders.  A few victims attempted to tell Emily Gurnon their stories, but she refused to print them.

The United States judicial system has become “of the Church, by the Church, and for the Church.”  Instead of “democracy,” we now have “demonic cross.”  Christian extremist rulers will stop at nothing to annihilate anyone who is not like them, and in their Neanderthal-like beliefs they think might is right.  Of all the cults in America, the Catholic Church is the largest and most evil cult of them all.  They are the largest corporate landowners in the world.  The Catholic cult is currently the largest landowner in South America.  Reminiscent of medieval Europe, ninety five percent of the rural population consists of landless “peons” or day laborers who are forced to work for church-run businesses and landlords set up by the Catholic Church.

India needs to pay attention to what is happening in their own country.  The Jesuit/Catholic influence and takeover is very subtle.  They are masters of deceit.  They are moving into India under the disguise of establishing schools, hospitals, and other “charitable enterprises.”  It is under those disguises that they have invaded the United States, Mexico, and many other countries in recent history.  If India does not pass strict laws banning the Jesuits and all other foreign Christian businesses and charitable organizations, they will lose their country to the Vatican.  Look at the chaos in Mexico and most of South America, and look at what is happening to one of their own immigrants in the United States.  The news media in India is already largely controlled by the Catholic Church.  They have learned that by controlling the news media they control how people think.  In a very subtle way they are destroying India’s ancient and valuable culture.

They are also grabbing land in many areas of India.  By controlling the land they control entire communities and their abilities to feed their families.  If a community refuses to convert to Christianity and donate their money and children to the Christian cause, the Churches and Christian businesses in those areas just shut off the food and job supply, wreaking complete chaos in the community.  India must drive out the Christian missionaries and their secretive business-fronts.