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Federal Judge, Donovan Frank, Says Attorney Should Lie and Decieve

by: Robert G Doubletree

May 11, 2012

On Friday, May 11, 2012 a federal judge in Minnesota, Donovan Frank, told attorney, Rebekah Nett that she has 60 days to dump all of her federal court clients.  Because she represented Yehud-Monosson, Inc in their bankruptcy case and stated the racial and religious prejudice of the judge and bankruptcy trustees in an affidavit to the court, he is now denying her the right to make a living.  Donovan Frank said he is planning to “screen” all her court filings for the next 60 days to prevent her from speaking out against the real sinister agenda of elusive Catholic cult leaders.

Donovan Frank has become the latest Judge to join the ranks in persecuting all who are involved with SIST, an educational organization that was founded by an immigrant from India.  Due to the darker color of his skin and non-Christian background, the businessman from India who founded SIST has been severely persecuted in the United States.  Most of his businesses and properties have been stolen by fanatical Catholic and Lutheran cult leaders and their business fronts in the United States.  They have been attempting to choke the financing for his school in India by making it almost impossible to do business in the United States and stealing his businesses; all under the color of law.  Christian extremist cult leaders have stolen millions of dollars from bank accounts associated with his businesses.

Jesuit and Lutheran extremist cult leaders have admitted they are furious that the Indian businessman has continued to operate the school in India and the businesses that fund the school regardless of their many attempts on his life.  His house has been shot at numerous times, his property was bombed, his gas stations have been robbed at gunpoint, and one of his gift stores was shot up during the Christmas holiday shopping season.  A customer at  one of SIST’s gas stations in St Paul was shot at while the gas station was being robbed in St Paul.  The bullet embedded in a cash register only two inches from the victim’s head.  No legal action has ever been taken against the Christian extremist perpetrators of these crimes.

Sources say Donovan Frank is a member of the Lutheran cult, a religious sect that celebrates cannibalism by pretending to eat flesh and drink blood every weekend.  The founder of the sect  was a Catholic priest who taught to kill Jews and anyone else who didn’t follow their depraved belief system and way of life in Germany.  Donovan Frank went to school at Luther College, a school founded on the principles of hate and bigotry homilized by Martin Luther.

Sources say Donovan Frank has been working with a notorious Catholic and Lutheran extremist white supremacist cult leader, Lorna Marquardt in Shawano, WI, to drive the businessman from India out of business.  The notorious Catholic and Lutheran extremist white supremacist cult leader Lorna Marquardt became mayor of Shawano by running her mayoral campaign on slogans like “I’ll drive that dot-head back to his mud hut,” referring to the businessman from India who founded SIST.  She regularly refers to him as the “swamp-nigger,” “dot-head,” and “coon,” but she claims she isn’t racist and denies that she is a cult leader.  Ex followers say she rules with an iron fist, considers Shawano county to be her own private kingdom, and tries to harass and kill anybody who doesn’t agree with her and do as they’re told.  As soon as she became mayor she set up her son-in-law as a sheriff and her grandson as a city police officer.  The police and sheriff departments are used as her private militia to enforce her totalitarian regimes laws and to kill and oppress anyone from a minority ethnic or religious background whom she deems unfit to live in “her kingdom.”

Due to their common race and religion, Donovan Frank has chosen to side with the notorious Catholic and Lutheran extremist white supremacist cult leader, Lorna Marquardt, to help the Jesuits drive out the founder of SIST and everyone associated with him and his businesses.  They will stop at nothing to achieve their objective.  They have stooped to slander, harassment, theft, and extortion under the color of law.  They are guilty of bombings, attempted murders, murder, and have even gone so far as to remove the evidence from police department records in order to cover their tracks.  These are all tactics religious Christian  extremists have used for generations to plunder and destroy civilizations worldwide.  Even though Donovan Frank is a federal judge, he sees nothing wrong with his actions.  Just because Attorney Rebekah Nett sided with SIST, and SIST is owned by a man from India with darker skin who doesn’t follow the bestial Christian religion, Donovan Frank believes Rebekah Nett has no right to make a living.

The news media is owned by the Catholic Church, so the real news is not allowed to ever reach the public.  The latest reporter covering the SIST cases is Emily Gurnon.  Sources say she is one of David Hanners girlfriends.  Emily Gurnon is the one responsible for sugar-coating the news during the Priest rape cases and the Archdiocese bankruptcy case in MInnesota.   Instead of informing the public of the real facts and telling people the Priests were anally raping young boys and forcing them to perform oral sex on the Priests, she termed it “molestation.”   She never once pointed out that the Archdiocese across the country have taken to filing serial bankruptcies in order to get out of paying their rape victims.  Inside sources at the Pioneer Press have said Emily Gurnon was told to mislead the public about what really happened and publish sugar-coated articles so the newspaper wouldn’t appear to be covering up the crimes of their Catholic cult leaders.  A few victims attempted to tell Emily Gurnon their stories, but she refused to print them.

The United States judicial system has become “of the Church, by the Church, and for the Church.”  Instead of “democracy,” we now have “demonic cross.”  Christian extremist rulers will stop at nothing to annihilate anyone who is not like them, and in their Neanderthal-like beliefs they think might is right.  Of all the cults in America, the Catholic Church is the largest and most evil cult of them all.  They are the largest corporate landowners in the world.  The Catholic cult is currently the largest landowner in South America.  Reminiscent of medieval Europe, ninety five percent of the rural population consists of landless “peons” or day laborers who are forced to work for church-run businesses and landlords set up by the Catholic Church.

India needs to pay attention to what is happening in their own country.  The Jesuit/Catholic influence and takeover is very subtle.  They are masters of deceit.  They are moving into India under the disguise of establishing schools, hospitals, and other “charitable enterprises.”  It is under those disguises that they have invaded the United States, Mexico, and many other countries in recent history.  If India does not pass strict laws banning the Jesuits and all other foreign Christian businesses and charitable organizations, they will lose their country to the Vatican.  Look at the chaos in Mexico and most of South America, and look at what is happening to one of their own immigrants in the United States.  The news media in India is already largely controlled by the Catholic Church.  They have learned that by controlling the news media they control how people think.  In a very subtle way they are destroying India’s ancient and valuable culture.

They are also grabbing land in many areas of India.  By controlling the land they control entire communities and their abilities to feed their families.  If a community refuses to convert to Christianity and donate their money and children to the Christian cause, the Churches and Christian businesses in those areas just shut off the food and job supply, wreaking complete chaos in the community.  India must drive out the Christian missionaries and their secretive business-fronts.



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