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Hate Crimes in Shawano Still Haven’t Been Investigated

by: Robert G Doubletree

May 16, 2012

Shawano, WI is home to an educational organization known as SIST that was founded by a businessman from India.  The organization owns and operates several businesses in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  The businesses fund a school for poor and underprivileged children in India.  The Indian businessman has been approached numerous times throughout the years by cult leaders from Catholic and Lutheran religious sects who have demanded that he change the school from a secular institution to a religious institution controlled by the Churches in the United States.  Having been in the United States for 20 years prior to the opening of the school in 1993, he was aware of and has been the target of the animosity, prejudice, and hatred prevalent in the United States.  He was also aware of the bestial symbolic cannibalism, and racial and religious bigotry propagated by Catholic and Lutheran ministers in the United States.

The country where the businessman comes from, India, has always been a peaceful country.  There have been many conquests of India by foreign invaders, but no invader has ever been as bloodthirsty, vicious, and vile as the Christians.  An example of Christian love and tolerance:  In Nigeria, Christianity’s deadly love was demonstrated on the 28th of August, 2011; Birom (Berom) Christians recorded themselves in videos and pictures eating Muslims they had killed and roasted. The event occurred when Christians surrounded Muslims observing their Eid annual holy devotion.  Christians surrounded the praying Muslims, burned their cars, pelted them and then killed, roasted and ate some of them.  It is due to historical facts like this that the businessman from India refused to bow to the Catholic and Lutheran demands to convert the school to a religious institution.  Read more and check out the pictures and videos: http://bit.ly/L6HMlF and http://bit.ly/L6HXNF

In Shawano, WI, a vicious Lutheran extremist cult leader was voted into power as mayor in 2002.  During her mayoral campaign she promised all of the white bigoted Catholic and Lutheran extremist cult business leaders that she would “drive the dot-head back to his mud hut,” referring to the businessman from India.  Throughout her campaign and continuing up to this day she has constantly referred to him as a “swamp-nigger, gook, dot-head, and coon.”  As soon as she took power she set up her grandson, Jeff Lenzner, as a city cop, and her son-in-law, George Lenzner as a county sheriff.  Their first orders of business were to remove all records of the atrocities committed in the community against the businessman from India prior to her taking office.

His house has been shot at seven times, his property was bombed, someone shot arrows through his garage windows, and for almost forty years straight now people have driven by almost every single night screaming obscene epithets and honking their horns outside his house.  The police get called many times a week about these issues, yet there are hardly any reports in their files.  SIST owns many properties and businesses in the Shawano area.

SIST’s People’s Express gas stations are constant targets of theft, harassment and intimidation.  People constantly fill up their tanks and drive off.  All three stations have now become prepay only stations; an unheard of phenomena in a town of less than 10,000 people in the midwestern United States.  When the People’s Express workers call the police, the cops rarely do anything to help them.  Someone robbed one of the gas stations at gunpoint, the culprit was never caught.  On a regular basis the police pull people over as they are turning into the stations, and then tie up the pumps for hours as they search their victims cars and block other customers from being able to get gas.  The police regularly storm into the stations and take random pictures just to intimidate the workers and scare customers away.

SIST owns the Ponderosa restaurant building.  In 2008 the tenant, William Janney of Shaw-Bay, Inc. was almost two years behind in their rent payments.  They were also not keeping up with the required maintenance of the building.  SIST reached an agreement with Shaw-Bay that SIST would forgive the past payments and take over the business.   Malea Norton was to continue as the manager, all the same employees were to remain employed, the Ponderosa franchise was to be transferred to SIST, and business was to continue as usual without any interruption.  On August 24, 2008 the CEO of SIST, Naomi Isaacson, received a call that the Ponderosa restaurant was surrounded with cars and people were cleaning out the property.  She arrived on the crime scene and was confronted by Shawano cop Ryan Atkinson.  Under the vicious cult leader, Lorna Marquardt’s orders, Atkinson arrested her, charged her with “trespassing” on her own property, fractured her wrists, dislocated her shoulders, and then let her go with orders that she was not allowed to step foot on her own property until everyone was done looting the place.  For the next 24 hours Naomi Isaacson was forced to watch helplessly from the sidewalk as the building was gutted, looted, and completely destroyed.  Again, not a single government official, congressman, or law enforcement member of any kind has stepped forward to offer assistance to help bring the criminals to justice.  For more information visit http://bit.ly/JjFrTE

Another travesty of justice is the USA International Raceway.  When it was first purchased by SIST, it was just a decrepit  amusement park that was more scary to visit than it was amusing.   The go-karts were a sight to behold and a challenge to drive.  You were lucky to make it around the track without pushing the go-kart yourself or climbing out of potholes on the track.  Within a year of ownership SIST reinvented the facility and invested millions of dollars into it, turning it into a world renowned elite go-kart and motocross racetrack favorited by people around the world.  It was even host to many Stars of Karting, WKA, and AMA races.  The top racers in the world loved the track, racing at breathtaking speeds that often exceeded 120 mph.  It brought tens of thousands of tourists and millions of dollars to Shawano’s economy with every race.  Seeing how prosperous the track was, the vicious white supremacist Lutheran extremist cult leader, Lorna Marquardt, conspired to steal the track from SIST.  She ultimately succeeded, and now the property sits desolate, a decayed ghost of its former self.  The buildings are falling apart, the asphalt is breaking up, nobody races there now.  Not a single government agency, law enforcement official, or congressman has stepped forward to investigate this matter.  For more on this read the report at http://bit.ly/K9KkQD

SIST and the businessman from India who founded the organization were the target of a hit-list conspiracy started by the vicious white supremacist Lutheran extremist cult leader of Shawano, Lorna Marquardt.  A Canadian individual, Robert Cameron, vicious cult leader Lorna Marquardt, Jim Stadler, and Ed Whealon to rob $175,000 from SIST. Cameron came to SIST under the guise of wanting to be hired as a promoter for USA International Raceway. To further entice SIST to accept Cameron’s racetrack promoter ploy, Cameron offered to lend SIST $10 million. The loan was to be funded within 24 hours of SIST’s payment of the $175,000 racetrack promotion fee. SIST wired the money to Cameron on October 28, 2008.  Cameron acknowledged receiving the money on October 31, 2008.  SIST’s $10 million was to have been wired on November 1, 2008. Instead, after scam artist Cameron took the $175,000, he informed SIST that he was a hired gun for Lorna Marquardt, Ed Whealon, and the FBI to rob SIST.  City officials then started a scandalous security alert propaganda campaign against SIST by creating a “hit list” to rouse, inflame, and terrorize the public to bring about SIST’s demise.  For months there were more articles published in the midwest against SIST and the businessman from India than there were about Osama Bin Laden.  Katie Couric and Armen Keteyian from CBS national news even took part in propagating the scam for the vicious cult leader of Shawano, Lorna Marquardt.  Again, no government agency, law enforcement officer, congressman, or senator has ever stepped in to do an investigation into the civil rights abuses in Shawano.  For more on this read the report at http://bit.ly/KmqVwi



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