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Hidden World News is dedicated to exposing the crimes of the most evil, vicious, and dangerous death cult in human history. We are dedicated to finding and exposing the current issues that affect all of humanity world-wide.

The purpose of Hidden World News is to understand the source of evil. Who is behind it? How does it relate to the various practices of these bloodthirsty cults? Is there some underlying motive for the greatest evil acts in history? What are the current events in the world that relate to these death cults?

The news presented on Hidden World News is done with the greatest respect to all believers of all religions

False claims that this site is “anti-Catholic” or “anti-Christian” due to the prevalence of references to the barbaric, bloodthirsty Christian Cults, or the actions of members of the Jesuit order, are designed to be deliberately misleading. There are many world leaders that falsely claim to represent Christianity and their country, while undertaking acts of extreme evil that in no way reflect the values of ordinary Christians, nor their fundamental beliefs in moral decency, peace and respect.

The reputation and good behavior of hundreds of millions of good Christians in no way is questioned by highlighting the deliberate actions of a few thousand dedicated bestial satanic agents who have caused world wars and sacrificed millions to demonic gods through their murderous deeds, rape of their women and children, and the pillaging of their societies.

If anything, the news and facts presented on this site call into question those who would dedicate their efforts into suppressing such evidence, attacking this evidence, and refusing to bear witness to the many acts of evil that have happened throughout history and continue on in this day and age, often cloaking themselves under the disguise of goodwill actions by members of clergy to the world, and often done under the ‘color of law.’

The greatest evil of all is conscious collective silence!

Through the many thousands of years of events, research, and the hundreds of individuals investigated, the greatest evil yet discovered is not those acts undertaken by mass murderers and satanic religious and civil leaders. It is those individuals who consciously and willingly hide such evidence from their fellow human beings.

To this end, the most evil groups in human history are without question the tens of thousands of individuals who claim themselves to be, “religious officials,” “civil authority figures,” “journalists” and “media commentators” who pledge their service to distort historical facts, pervert justice, and censor, manipulate and more often than not, manufacture the news, not allowing the common person to know the truth.

It is because of their collective silence and misrepresentation of facts that the greatest atrocities in history, such as the murder of over 18 million people being burnt alive in ovens by Catholic officials, were allowed to happen.

It is their conscious collective silence and misrepresentation of facts that allows atrocities to happen worldwide right now.

The atrocities I have uncovered during my research has opened my eyes to the truth. The “old” Medieval Catholic Church adage of ‘convert or be killed’ is still alive and well right now in disguise. Their systematic plunder, extortion, oppression, and continuous fallacious news reporting has made me do my own research into who they are, their background, their history, and what their intent truly is. Christian oppression has done me a great favor, as I have now discovered my true calling on this Earth…..I will expose the truth of who they really are to the whole world. It is my goal to let everyone know and acknowledge what kind of disease is prevalent in the USA, Europe, and is now spreading to the rest of the world. It is instrumental to the future growth and prosperity of humanity that they never follow in the path of the most brutal bloodthirsty, dangerous cults in human history.

Perversion of justice and apocryphal stories have no place in the future peace and growth of humanity as a whole. As a father, I refuse to see my children grow up in a world contaminated by lack of logic, perversion of facts, and a counterfeit justice system. As a journalist, it is my obligation and duty to fight for our justice and freedom from oppresion. This war cannot be won with guns and missiles; it can only be won with truth and logic. The bestial Greek and Roman system will die off once the true members of society and adherents to morals and justice are allowed to see the facts as they are.

It has become my personal belief that Christian missionaries should be driven out from countries such as India, Burma, Rwanda, Pakistan, Cambodia, and any other country in the world that is not already predominantly Christian. Their genocidal advances destroy native cultures, families, and peaceful existence with their neighbors. They are a militant genocidal force that portrays itself as ‘God-loving, helpful, and kind,’ coming under the cover of ‘schools, hospitals, and charity.’ History shows what reality is, though. The current uncensored news is ripe with examples of deceit, brutality, aggression, and murder by bestial adherents to the bloodthirsty Christian tradition of genocide.



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