Hate Crimes in Shawano Still Haven’t Been Investigated

by: Robert G Doubletree May 16, 2012 Shawano, WI is home to an educational organization known as SIST that was founded by a businessman from India.  The organization owns and operates several businesses in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  The businesses fund a school for poor and underprivileged children in India.  The Indian businessman has been approached […]

Monsignor Confesses He Wasn’t Qualified To Be A Gumshoe

May 16, 2012 Monsignor William J. Lynn confessed to a grand jury back in 2004 that he wasn’t qualified to investigate sexually abusive priests. The monsignor’s admission came in response to a grand jury prosecutor, who asked Lynn if he realized that he needed more training to investigate sex crimes committed by priests against minors […]

Planning a Gay Cruise to Thailand? Call Father Mike

May 15, 2012 Father Michael J. McCarthy like to sleep naked with teenage boys who stayed over his beach house at the Jersey Shore. He also ran a travel business on the side, planning gay cruises to places like Thailand. Prosecutors on Tuesday used documents from the secret archive files introduced by Detective Joe Walsh […]

A Shredded Memo, A Dead Cardinal, and A Bunch of Liars

May 14, 2012 A secret list of sexually abusive priests that Cardinal Bevilacqua ordered shredded in 1994 is now at the center of a tangled web of deception, lies and suspicious memory lapses. Prosecutors in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia sex abuse case Monday tried to unravel the mystery in court, with messy results. On the […]

What’s Shawano like? A Concerned Shawano Citizen’s Perspective

by: A concerned citizen (name withheld for safety reasons) 5/12/2012 The city of Shawano, Wisconsin is a typical rural community with a sewer filled lake called Shawano Lake, a supposed tourist attraction according to the locals. Never mind that you break out in a rash whenever you go swimming in it. Shawano is also the […]

Vicious Cults Agree to Obliterate SIST and Businessman from India

by: Robert G Doubletree May 11, 2012 The fox has ruled that it was OK for the wolf to slaughter hens in the hen house.  Reminiscent of Nazi Germany, on Friday, May 11, 2012 federal judge Joan Ericksen ruled that Nancy Dreher did not abuse her discretion when she sanctioned attorneys Naomi Isaacson and Rebekah […]

Federal Judge, Donovan Frank, Says Attorney Should Lie and Decieve

by: Robert G Doubletree May 11, 2012 On Friday, May 11, 2012 a federal judge in Minnesota, Donovan Frank, told attorney, Rebekah Nett that she has 60 days to dump all of her federal court clients.  Because she represented Yehud-Monosson, Inc in their bankruptcy case and stated the racial and religious prejudice of the judge […]