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Nun Calls Out Monsignor Lynn

May 10, 2012

A nun who was sexually abused as a minor by a predator priest called out Monsignor William J. Lynn Thursday from her perch on the witness stand.

It was a dramatic confrontation as the Archdiocese of Philadelphia sex abuse trial wrapped up its seventh week of testimony. Lynn is on trial for allegedly conspiring to endanger the welfare of children by allowing abusive priests to continue in ministry

All along, the defense mantra has been that the monsignor was just a cog in the wheel down at archdiocese headquarters on 222 N. 17th St., and that the ultimate villain in the case was the guy who wielded the ultimate power in the archdiocese, the conveniently dead Cardinal Anthony J. Bevilacqua.

But the nun on the witness stand refused to play along.

It started when Thomas Bergstrom, a defense lawyer for Msgr. Lynn, tried to get the nun on cross-examination to agree that Msgr. Lynn did not have the power to remove a pastor who had sexually abused her and at least 10 other young women.

“He [Lynn] had the power to suggest it,” she said, referring to the removal of the pastor. And then on redirect, when the prosecutor asked her about the power Lynn had as the archdiocese’s secretary for clergy, the nun said that Lynn had the simple power of just saying no.

Instead of going along with the power structure, the nun said, “You can also say, I cannot do this.”

It was a simple, but powerful declaration coming from a nun who herself was an administrator down at archdiocese HQ, and also as a young woman, a victim of sex abuse from a pervert priest.

The nun, who did not want to be identified, wasn’t finished.

“I would think that his [Lynn’s] recommendation would be heard,”she told Assistant District Attorney Patrick Blessington. And if it wasn’t, Lynn could have told the cardinal, “I cannot go on; if it isn’t done that way, I can quit.”

The nun’s firm but understated conviction about the need to simply do the right thing sent a ripple of excitement through courtroom spectators, which included victims of sex abuse, and activists hoping for the impossible, reform in the Roman Catholic Church. It also raised an age-old question, namely why do the women in the Catholic church usually have more balls than the men?

Before she called out the monsignor, the nun told her story about how she had been abused by the notorious Father Nicholas V. Cudemo, a serial rapist who used mind control and guilt to dominate his victims.

The nun, dubbed “Sister Irene” in the 2005 grand jury report, was Father Cudemo’s second cousin. The priest also abused the nun’s sister, and a younger cousin, in addition to at least eight other young women.

The witness was 15 years old when Father Cudemo took her to baseball and basketball games at Archbishop Kennedy High School, where the priest was a teacher. While driving her home one night, Cudemo pulled over, and started kissing her passionately. “He got on top of me,” the nun testified. “His hands were literally all over me.”

The witness told the jury that she had dated boys before, but had never experienced such “intense passion or strength.”

Then, when she was 16, it happened again. Father Cudemo drove her home, this time with a carload of other kids. While driving, he took her hand and “placed it on his penis strongly,” she said, and then he just held her hand there.

“I just went numb,” she said. Father Cudemo would call up the victim and tell her she was “his favorite cousin,” and he would explain his behavior by saying, “cousins have these kinds of relationships.”

In 1991, Sister Irene found out that Father Cudemo had sexually abused her younger cousin, identified in the grand jury report as Ruth. The abuse of Ruth began at 10, and included an abortion at 11. Sister Irene was shattered by the news.

“I really felt for the first time in my life I was confronting evil,” she told the jury. So the nun, her sister, and her cousin Ruth went to the archdiocese on Sept. 25, 1991, to report the abuse. They told Msgr. James E. Molloy, vicar for administration, and his assistant, Msgr. Lynn, that they wanted Father Cudemo removed from his post as pastor of St. Callistus Church.

Molloy told the victims, “It’s not that easy to remove a pastor at this time,” the nun told the jury. When the victims suggested the archdiocese notify parishioners at St. Callistus about what the priest had done to his victims, they were told it would be “defamation of character” and “calumny.”

Credit for this excellent reporting goes to Ralph Cipriano. Thank-you Ralph for doing what every other news media is failing to do. You are exposing the truth.

Reporters like David Hanners from St Paul Pioneer Press and Rick Romell from Milwaukee Journal spend their entire lives covering up their cult’s crimes in the regular news media.


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Detective, Defense Lawyer Battle Over the Soul of Father Brennan

May 9, 2012

A defense lawyer and a detective went snorkeling through the archdiocese’s confidential files Wednesday in search of the real Father James J. Brennan.

In an often tedious cross-examination, the defense lawyer tried to paint Father Brennan as a talented priest who was also a spiritual searcher, while the detective saw the 48-year-old Father Brennan as a tormented soul trying to hide a secret.

Meanwhile, the jury’s attention span was challenged, as they often stared off into space while the defense lawyer and detective did battle during a long afternoon of questioning.

Defense lawyer Richard J. Fuschino Jr. asked Detective James Dougherty to dig into the priest’s personnel jacket. Some 70 formerly confidential documents began with the priest’s background as a seminarian. Father Brennan was the fourth of seven children born into an Irish-Catholic family. His father was a lapsed Catholic, his mother a true believer. The tensions in the Brennan marriage revolved around the couple’s religious differences.

The son that they produced had a “buoyant, happy personality,” but was also characterized by a searing intensity whenever he got involved in something. Father Brennan’s contemporaries in the seminary saw him as “an articulate spokesman for the Catholic faith.” His peers noted Father Brennan’s leadership skills, amiable personality and eloquence. He had a “zeal for souls,”it was noted in the personnel files, and he also was “comfortable with both sexes,” something unusual for a seminarian.

But Father Brennan was also moody, the archdiocese’s confidential records said. He could be aloof, and had to be talked into doing mundane parish activities, such as attending the annual Christmas tree lighting service. The priest also wrote candidly that he “got tired of listening to all the elderly people talk about their problems.”

The files that Fuschino and Dougherty sparred over were bathed in Catholic psycho-babble. There was plenty of talk about spiritual discernment, meditation, and contemplation, and ponderous phrases such as, “his priestliness was not in question.”

Throughout the cross-examination, Fuschino tried to pull Dougherty into Catholic-speak, to discuss terminology such as spiritual discernment and seeking God’s will for one’s life, but every time, the prosecution objected, and Judge M. Teresa Sarmina upheld the objection.

Father Brennan is accused of the attempted rape of a 14-year-old boy in 1996. During his cross-examination of Detective Doughery, defense lawyer Fuschino took pains to point out that in all the documents, the only times the word abuse was mentioned was twice, once by Cardinal Bevilacqua and once by Monsignor Lynn, and both were referring to abuse that Father Brennan himself may have suffered when he was a child.

“Yes, that’s my understanding,” Dougherty deadpanned.

The other defendant in the trial, Msgr. William J. Lynn, was quoted in the files as being concerned about Father Brennan. The priest had “a restlessness in his life that’s very pervasive,” Lynn noted in his files. The monsignor wrote that Father Brennan was having “a real crisis of the faith” when he applied for a leave of absence from the priesthood back in 1996.

The loquacious Father Brennan added to the debate when he wrote to Cardinal Bevilacqua, to confess that he had “chased false gods” while off on his leave of absence.

But Detective Dougherty stubbornly kept both feet planted on the ground. “I believe it was more than just a crisis of faith,” the detective told the defense lawyer. Dougherty implied that Father Brennan was running from other demons.

When Father Brennan sought to become a Trappist monk in 2000, he told the cardinal that he had fallen in love with “the contemplative life.” But Dougherty read the priest’s spiritual yearnings, and calmly told the defense lawyer, “I would say it’s being written by someone who’s tormented by something.”

For Father Brennan, the spiritual search ended on Jan. 18, 2006, when Mark Bukowski went to authorities and charged that ten years earlier, Father Brennan had attempted to rape him.

The priest was given 48 hours to move out of the rectory where he was staying. He was removed from ministry, and stripped of his priestly functions. On courtroom computers, the defense lawyer showed the jury copies of the thousands of letters that the archdiocese sent to former high school students and parishioners of Father Brennan’s, seeking other victims of abuse.

The defense lawyer also displayed articles printed in The Philadelphia Inquirer and Delaware County Times, among other newspapers, that advertised that authorities were seeking additional victims of abuse. But none came forward. When Detective Dougherty was asked by Fuschino about the search for additional victims, he gave a carefully coded response, that no one came forward to say that they themselves were the victims of abuse.


Credit for this excellent reporting goes to Ralph Cipriano. Thank-you Ralph for doing what every other news media is failing to do. You are exposing the truth.

Reporters like David Hanners from St Paul Pioneer Press and Rick Romell from Milwaukee Journal spend their entire lives covering up their cult’s crimes in the regular news media.



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Prosecutor Seeks Road Trip to Prove Monsignor Is A Liar

May 8, 2012

Assistant District Attorney Patrick Blessington got worked up in court Tuesday, repeatedly calling the defendant, Monsignor William J. Lynn, a liar.

“The lies, the outrageous lies that he [Lynn] continues to tell,” Blessington shouted. That prompted an objection from Thomas Bergstrom, a defense lawyer who rarely raises his voice.

Judge M. Teresa Sarmina, often mistaken for a member of the prosecution team, continued the surprises by siding with the defense. “Stick to the facts, Mr. Blessington,” the judge admonished.

Blessington was trying to convince the judge to take a road trip to a cloistered convent in North Philadelphia, as part of his recent campaign to prove that the monsignor is a liar.

Lynn is on trial for allegedly conspiring to endanger the welfare of children by keeping predator priests in ministry. But Blessington’s most frequent charge of late has been that the monsignor is also a liar.

Last week in court, Blessington had a similar outburst, when he charged that Bergstrom was trying to “deflect blame” from the man “that’s sitting right there,” the prosecutor yelled, while pointing at Lynn. Blessington told the judge last week that Bergstrom was trying to cover up “what lies he [Lynn] may have told the grand jury.”

Frankly, it might seem like overkill to anybody who’s had to sit through Msgr. Lynn’s nine days of grand jury testimony. The transcripts of that testimony has been read into the court record on multiple occasions by Blessington, who plays the part of the grand jury prosecutor, and Assistant District Attorney Anthony Pomeranz, who plays Lynn.

The transcripts show that [a] the monsignor was served up to the grand jury like a Christmas goose by his lawyer, C. Clark Hodgson; and [b], if the monsignor was guilty of anything, it was being too candid:

— Monsignor Lynn, on why he didn’t send Father Stanley Gana, a notorious rapist of teenage boys, in for a psychiatric evaluation years earlier, as required by the archdiocese’s own policies: “The case fell through the cracks.”

— Monsignor Lynn on why he didn’t comfort one of Gana’s victims, who called him on the phone, by telling him that Gana had just confessed to abusing the victim and another boy: “I just thought he wanted money.”

— Monsignor Lynn, on why he didn’t fly down to Florida to check out whether Father Gana had a bunch of young men staying at his house in Orlando: “It wasn’t that big of a deal at the time.”

But Blessington told Judge Sarmina Tuesday that the court should take a road trip to the Carmelite Monastery of Philadelphia, 1400 West 66th Avenue, to depose the mother superior, and find out if Lynn was lying back in 1998, when questioned by one of Gana’s victims.

The victim, a priest himself, had called Msgr. Lynn to say that his sister, a nun, saw Father Stanley Gana saying Easter Mass at the Carmelite monastery in 1998, surrounded by altar boys. At the time, the victim priest was seeking reassurances that the archdiocese had done the right thing by taking Gana out of active service and making sure he couldn’t hurt anymore children.

Lynn, according to his notes in the secret archive files, told the priest victim that Gana was never alone with the altar boys, and that the mother superior at the convent “is in charge and she is aware of the situation regarding Stanley Gana.”

The district attorney’s office, however, recently sent investigators out to talk to the mother superior, and another nun at the convent, and discovered that they were unaware of Gana’s history. So that’s why the prosecution originally scheduled the two nuns last week as trial witnesses. But since the nuns are cloistered, the prosecution subsequently decided to request the court go on a road trip, and bring along the judge and the defense lawyers, to question the nuns on videotape.

Blessington didn’t back off his charge. He summarized what Lynn had told the priest victim, and then told the judge and the defense team, “words, facts, lies.”

Lynn’s own words say that “Mother Superior knew the whole situation,” Blessington said, adding, that when they investigated, the district attorney discovered that “Mother Superior was told zero, nothing, zilch, nada.”

Jeff Lindy, another member of Lynn’s defense team, told the judge that she should not grant the prosecution’s request because the commonwealth was trying to impeach a non-testifying witness with extrinsic evidence.

Blessington stood up to continue the argument.

“This is an ongoing crime,” Blessington told the judge. He was speaking of the prosecution theory in the case that Lynn was actively involved at all times in a conspiracy to keep predator priests in ministry by any means necessary, including lying. And then Blessington went one step further in his attack on Lynn.

“Mother Superior in her graciousness and goodness is watching over this pedophile,” Blessington sneered.

It was a pretty good line. The judge said she would have to think it over before ruling on the road trip. The defense was still voicing its objections. But there isn’t much suspense over the outcome of this battle. Judge Sarmina, after all, is the judge who last year took the lawyers in the case on another road trip, at the prosecution’s request, to St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, to videotape Cardinal Bevilacqua.

Memo to the defense team: lace up your sneakers.

Meanwhile, Blessington continued his attack on Lynn-the-liar Tuesday by charging that Lynn had also lied to an officer from the Philadelphia police department. Officer Denise Holmes was investigating a 2001 report from a woman who said that Father Nicholas V. Cudemo had molested her in the confessional at St. Irenaeus nearly 20 years earlier, when she was in fifth, sixth and seventh grade by repeatedly fondling her breasts.

The prosecution put Officer Holmes on the witness stand to recount how she went to see Msgr. Lynn, and asked if it was true that Father Cudemo had been sued by one of his victims. Lynn said it was, and the police officer asked why the victim had also sued the archdiocese.

According to Officer Holmes, Lynn responded that the victims believed the archdiocese was partly to blame, and added, “Everybody wants to sue the archdiocese.”

Officer Holmes said she asked Lynn about the church investigation of Father Cudemo. The monsignor, she said, told her that the priest had been accused of abuse by three family members, but that the alleged abuse did not include sexual intercourse.

Father Cudemo had a long string of conquests by then, including one teenage girl that he got pregnant, and then had her get an abortion. So Blessington may have scored some points on this one.

Msgr. Lynn, Officer Holmes testified, told her that Father Cudemo was under the care of a therapist, who maintained that the priest was “not a danger” to any further victims. Holmes said she was also told that Cudemo had been “struck by a bus,” and had “severe brain damage.”

Did Msgr. Lynn tell you about eight other victims who were not relatives, Blessington asked.

No, Officer Holmes said.

Blessington showed Holmes a copy of Lynn’s private notes about their meeting, which said that the officer had expressed some doubts about the victim’s story. Holmes said she never said that. “I didn’t have a reason to doubt her,” she said.

Holmes said she inquired where Cudemo was, and Lynn said he might be in Florida. The monsignor said the only address they had was for Cudemo’s sister, who lived in Abington, where the priest sometimes stayed.

On cross-examination, Bergstrom asked Officer Holmes if she interviewed Cudemo. “We never contacted him,” she said.

On redirect, Blessington took one more shot at Lynn when he asked Holmes about her unsuccessful efforts to locate Cudemo.

“He [Lynn] didn’t say here’s the address where we send his check, did he?”

“No,” Officer Holmes said.


Credit for this excellent reporting goes to Ralph Cipriano. Thank-you Ralph for doing what every other news media is failing to do. You are exposing the truth.

Reporters like David Hanners from St Paul Pioneer Press and Rick Romell from Milwaukee Journal spend their entire lives covering up their cult’s crimes in the regular news media.



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Priest Seeks Spiritual Highs; Winds Up Singing White Christmas to Chickens

Father James J. Brennan dreamed of becoming a Trappist monk. He thought the monastic life would bring him closer to God as he meditated and prayed in solitude for hours on end.

But after he joined the Trappists in 2000, Father Brennan found the reality of the monastic life was far different then he had imagined. He was getting up at 3 a.m. to feed the chickens on the monks’ organic farm. The priest, a gifted singer who used to conduct church choirs, was reduced to serenading hens to the tune of White Christmas.

“I think too much of me is being wasted on chickens,” he wrote Msgr. William J. Lynn in 2001, asking to come back to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

On Tuesday at the Archdiocese of Philadelphia sex abuse trial, the prosecution had Detective James Dougherty spend several hours reading into the court record more than 60 formerly confidential records from Father Brennan’s personnel files and the archdiocese’s secret archive files.

Father Brennan is on trial for conspiracy to endanger the welfare of children, endangering the welfare of a child, and the attempted rape of a 14-year-old. Detective Dougherty was on the witness stand most of the day.

It was a curious exercise. There was talk of Father Brennan being abused as a child. There was a complaint from a nun that Father Brennan threw noisy parties in his rectory room. Another complaint was about Father Brennan having male roommates living at the rectory, without permission, one of whom supposedly was his brother, and another was either a cousin or a nephew.

When he returned from a leave of absence, Father Brennan compared himself to the Prodigal Son, but there were no confessions about abusing minors.

Instead, the priest’s letters to Lynn and Cardinal Bevilacqua, and notes from his private meetings with the monsignor and cardinal told a story about a priest in search of spiritual highs, who at different turns in his ramblings, came off as immature, profound and downright goofy.

Father Brennan was like your kooky cousin or uncle, definitely a guy who marched to his own drummer as he hopped from one assignment to another, always thinking the spiritual grass was greener over in the next yard. A guy who talked over every step of his spiritual life with his therapist, his spiritual advisor, the abbot from the Trappist monastery, and anybody else he ran into. After a while, it sounded like navel gazing.

But the priest isn’t on trial for being weird. He’s accused of attempted rape, conspiracy, and endangering the welfare of a child. What the reading of these records did to help convict him on those charges was not readily apparent.

The prosecution, in the seventh week of presenting its case, appears to be playing the equivalent of a prevent defense. They are not taking many chances as they attempt to wind up their case in the next week or two. The strategy of playing it safe includes sticking to records, and evidence that is difficult to cross-examine, unlike, say, putting a witness on the stand who may be a juicy target for defense lawyers.

Consider last week, when Detective Joe Walsh spent several hours reading into the record the personnel records and secret archive files regarding Father Nicholas V. Cudemo, described to a grand jury by the late Msgr. James E. Molloy, former vicar for administration, as “one of the sickest individuals I ever knew.”

Yet that quote was never read to the jury. Instead, while Walsh read the records, one of the courtroom spectators was a woman identified in the 2005 grand jury report as “Ruth.” According to the grand jury report, Father Cudemo began sexually abusing Ruth when she was 10. When she got pregnant at 11, the priest paid for her to get an abortion.

Think Ruth could have told an interesting story on the witness stand? But the prosecution did not call her to testify, and they didn’t tell the jury about Ruth getting pregnant, or her abortion, or those orgies that she claimed that Father Cudemo had forced her to participate in with other priests. Instead, the jury was given a G-rated summary of a X-rated story.

But back to Father Brennan’s story. In 1995, he was cited for having permanent guests staying over in his guest room in the rectory without authorization. That resulted in a change of residences for Father Brennan. In 1995, Father Brennan requested a leave of absence from Msgr. Lynn.

Father Brennan told Lynn he “needs time to discern what is going on his life.” Father Brennan also told the monsignor that he was dealing with the fallout from sexual and emotional abuse dating back to when he was four years old. The abuse resulted in the priest having trouble dealing with authority figures.

When he wrote to Cardinal Bevilacqua, seeking permission for a leave of absence, Father Brennan talked about the “inner turmoil” in his own life. He again brought up sexual abuse, according to the cardinal, which he said had “involved four young men.”

Later, when he was questioned by Jack Rossiter, a former FBI agent working for the archdiocese, Father Brennan denied that he told the cardinal about any sexual abuse. But the records showed that Father Brennan also spoke on that same topic to Msgr. Lynn.

Father Brennan asked the cardinal for six months off, to be used for “therapy and discernment.” He also said he wanted to live as a lay person.

Father Brennan’s spiel did not impress his boss. The cardinal recorded in his own notes of the meeting, that he had “certain doubts in my mind about his [Father Brennan’s] complete honesty.”

Father Brennan told Msgr. Lynn that he was looking to start a business with his brother. In one phone conversation, Father Brennan told Lynn that he was aware of a different story making the rounds on the archdiocese rumor mill. The rumor was that the real reason Father Brennan was seeking a leave of absence was because he wanted to “shack up with a former student,” Father Brennan told Lynn.

Brennan told the monsignor that he was upset by the rumors, but Lynn told Brennan not to worry, because rumors are not put into personnel files.” In a meeting with the monsignor, Father Brennan also told Lynn that he needed time to process abuse that was “physical, emotional and sexual.”

Father Brennan got the six months leave of absence. When it was up, he requested another six months from the cardinal. Returning to active ministry after just a six-month hiatus would be premature, Father Brennan wrote the cardinal. He had “many issues surfacing,” Brennan told the cardinal, but he was also experiencing “the mysteries of faith and prayer in a whole new way.”

Meanwhile, while living as a lay person, the priest ran up $15,000 in credit card debt. Father Brennan told the cardinal that he needed another six months of work to pay down that debt. When the monsignor said the archdiocese could loan him the money to pay off the debt, Father Brennan refused, saying it would be unfair to the archdiocese.

Lynn had doubts about what Brennan was up to. The priest “seems to be a man who is lost and wandering,” and needs to “find his way back to the Lord,” the monsignor wrote in his private files. Lynn’s boss, Cardinal Bevilacqua, also had doubts. Father Brennan’s reasons for delaying his return to ministry, the cardinal noted, appeared to have “little rational basis.”

When his leave of absence was finally up, Father Brennan compared himself to the prodigal son, in a 1997 letter to Bevilacqua, referring to the biblical story about the man who squandered his fortune on harlots and riotous living. Father Brennan also wrote that he appreciated the way the cardinal welcomed him back without judging him. The priest said the cardinal’s love for him was “Christ-like,” and that he would “strive to follow” Bevilacqua’s example of a “concerned father.”

When he ran off a few years later to become a Trappist monk, with the cardinal’s permission, at first, Father Brennan was estatic. He talked about how he could watch a couple of bald eagles frolic in the sky, and be reminded of Psalm 91, which compares trusting in God to the protection afforded by an eagle to her young: “He shall cover thee with his feathers; under his wings thou shall trust.”

He could rhapsodize over finding a couple cartons of milk in the refrigerator. “His only goal,” he told Lynn, was “to get to heaven.”

He referred to the Trappist monastery in South Carolina as “the convergence point in my spiritual journey.” But nine months later, Father Brennan ran into some problems. He was sick of the chores on the organic chicken farm, he wrote Msgr. Lynn. Father Brennan decided he had gifts that he needed to share with people. To stay on the chicken farm would amount to hiding “the Lord’s gifts under a bushel basket,” Brennan wrote

He was also tired of “coaxing eggs out of chickens.” “Pardon my verbosity,”Father Brennan wrote the monsignor, but “at least you’ll never be bored with me.”

Father Brennan asked for, and got a return to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia in 2001. But by 2005, he was seeking greener pastures again, asking for another transfer out of the archdiocese, to a parish on the outer banks of North Carolina. Then came the charge of abuse, and Father Brennan the spiritual seeker wound up as a defendant in Courtroom 304.

Credit for this excellent reporting goes to Ralph Cipriano. Thank-you Ralph for doing what every other news media is failing to do. You are exposing the truth.

Reporters like David Hanners from St Paul Pioneer Press and Rick Romell from Milwaukee Journal spend their entire lives covering up their cult’s crimes in the regular news media.



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Shawano, Wisconsin, Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s Fanatical Appetite for Bigotry

by: a concerned citizen (name withheld for safety reasons)

May 5, 2012

In the United States little dictators are popping up, not only in Mafia-run cities, but also in small quaint little towns in the guise of public elected officials. Case in point: Shawano, Wisconsin, where the town is run by the dictates of a red-headed paunchy mayor, Lorna Marquardt. Her favorite dish is picking on others, in particular minorities, to show her power. Shawano has gained the reputation of being a bigoted little town. And as it is many are afraid of her—or rather, afraid of retaliation if they cross on the wrong side of her agenda.

As did former Shawano County Administrator Frank Pascarella, who suggested that the search for a new Shawano City Administrator be one that is open-minded who would work with both the city and the county of Shawano. A meeting was held and it was suggested that they had to decide whether Pascarella should be reprimanded for making such an atrocious statement. Well, Frank secured a different job in a different county where his expertise will be appreciated.

Many American Natives have been mistreated in this area. A Native store that used to be on South Main Street had fire set to their awning; manure smeared into the facade of their store, and had vulgarity spray-painted on their business at night. Nothing was done. No one stepped in to stop it. During downtown radio promotions Lorna by passed the Native shop and the businesses owned by SIST as well.

Mayor Lorna Marquardt has actively participated in underhanded activities to bring the demise of businesses owned by SIST, an educational organization that owns many businesses in the Shawano area and is headed by a businessman from India. She has been on the warpath against him since she took office in 2002. She promised the white Lutheran and Catholic business owners that she would “drive the dot-head back to his mud hut.” True to this spirit Lorna Marquardt has committed many illegal activities against this man with impunity. Yet this man offered to work with her for the economic betterment of Shawano and the surrounding communities. Her response was to ridicule him in public through the Media.

With the help of her cronies she headed propaganda campaigns using the Shawano Leader and other Media outlets to label him as a cult leader because he was not a Christian. Shawano Leader has become known by many as the Neo-Nazi Times because of its biased coverage of this Indian businessman and Native Americans in the area.

Lorna and her agents are responsible for convincing banks not to give loans and to freeze SIST’s assets, to stop money flow to their businesses by claiming that SIST was a cult; holding illegal hearings for land/business grabs, they have intimidated SIST personnel through false accusations, trashed businesses, created a terrorist scam alarm then publicly pouted because the FBI never interrogated the Indian businessman or any SIST personnel because there was nothing to investigate. And this episode cost the tax paying members of the Shawano community thousands of dollars.

The mayor, an ex-Catholic, now a Lutheran, is a Christian fanatic. She has sent emails to SIST with a message: convert to Christianity. Her frenzied activities against SIST are reminiscent of the Roman Catholic Crusades.

In SIST’s case, she has headed a Crusade for financial destruction for the past ten years. At the same time her Crusade has had a drastic impact on the community. Her constant attacks and manipulations were aimed to prevent SIST from opening new business in the buildings purchased on South Main Street that would have created more trade for Shawano. By doing this she is responsible for depriving the area of commerce because SIST had no choice but to focus both time and money on her attacks to save the businesses already started—that was one of her plans for SIST. Through it all SIST has fought for the right to do business and will continue to do so legally.

Lorna’s illegal takeover of the USAIR Raceway ruined the business. SIST put in millions of dollars to make it the best professional go-kart track in the country. It brought in millions of dollars to the community during every international race. Now the buildings are in total disrepair, the track has no international business, and the business has completely dried up.

Throughout USAIR’s history and other businesses owned by SIST Lorna did everything possible to interfere with their success. It did not matter that it also hurt the community. The mayor with a love of power only cared to meet her agenda of destroying SIST—other examples—the Ponderosa Restaurant, the apartment buildings, all the harassment given to the Kiryat Hotel and the three People’s Express gas stations. These stations have kept the gas prices down as far as permitted by law and were sued because of it by other area gas stations. A judgment against Peoples Express was dished out by retired Judge Grover. It was repealed in Federal Court with the judge stating that Shawano County Judge Grover did not know Wisconsin law. And now in a recent article dated May 9, 2012, City Attorney Schmidt let it slip that the Shawano Common Council is considering—planning—not renewing the liquor license for the People’s Express gas stations.

But now to make it look like she and her buddies are coming to the rescue in these economic hard times she’s strutting the “Vision 2017” plan—1000 jobs (May 5, 2012 article). It has been laid out by the Neo-Nazi Times (The Shawano Leader) as a grand new future for Shawano and Menominee Counties. But the plan does not state what sacrifices may have to be made by existing businesses when these “new industries: manufacturing, wholesale, retail, tourism/hospitality, agriculture and services,” move to town, like what land are they going to use and whose buildings they are going to take over. In the Neo-Nazi Times May 5th front page article is a picture of a couple of empty buildings that SIST had purchased. Underneath it is stated: “Some of the buildings on North Main Street are empty, but the city is looking to increase commercial development with the side effect of increasing the number of jobs here.” We know what is planned. Lorna will do her part to use this opportunity to strike at SIST and the Indian businessman once again.

If Lorna was sincere, she would have worked with SIST when she first came into office. Instead she started her own war dragging others into her cesspool of bigotry, fanaticism, and hate.

On East Green Bay Street and South Main Street alone there are approximately 16 or more empty buildings—none of these belonging to SIST. Where are these pictures in the Media? Some have been empty for years, like the old Wright Broiler building on South Main Street. Where has Lorna been all these years? Yea, we know.

Across the United States there are little public dictators that enjoy eating the heart out of different individuals, businesses, and communities. They are preyers of society immersed in fraudulent practices and abuse of power. Lorna Marquardt, the mayor of Shawano, Wisconsin, preys well before she eats her favorite—SIST and the businessman from India.

America, we need to take a stand for justice. The medieval dictatorships must end.

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Missionaries Demand the founder of SIST, a businessman from India, to Help Destroy Native Culture in India

March 3, 2012

Part 1

Throughout the last week, there has again been a number of incidents regarding SIST in Shawano, WI. Since June of 2010,Wikipedia has allowed a slanderous article on their site titled “Samanta Institute of Science and Technology” The history tab of the article shows that it has been edited many times. Every time somebody inserted the real facts about SIST, they disappeared within hours. This Wikipedia article about SIST was intentionally designed to portray SIST in a negative light..

This week, an anonymous editor rewrote the entire page with links to Hidden World News. For the first time since June 2010, the page had solid irrefutable evidence, facts, and most of the slanderous news articles were removed. Every statement was sourced. It was a fair and balanced entry that shed light on the civil rights issues happening in Shawano, WI and Minneapolis, MN, involving SIST. We expected that the Wikipedia administrator would recognize the irrefutable factual article about SIST and make it a permanent posting on their site. Rather, within three hours of the revisions, the website was marked for deletion by one of the Wikipedia Administrators or main editors, DoriSmith. The next day, all of the factual links that contained court documents backing up statements were taken off of the revised Wikipage by another editor. According to Wikipedia records, the editor that did the editing, Known as Ravensfire, claims that Hidden World News cannot be used as reference. As he has no explanation for his position, it is obvious that it is solely based upon his biased, discriminatory opinion.. Therefore, it is clear that Wikipedia does not want the world to have the true encyclopedic knowledge of SIST. It is obvious that this Wikipedia editor has connections with the Christian missionary world and is promoting their agenda. I guarantee the world that no other news source has as much information about SIST as we do. With over 14,000 pictures, hundreds of documents, and hours of video, we are more informed than all of the other news channels in the area put together. Not a single reporter from any other news channel, newspaper, or editorial column has ever interviewed any of the board members of SIST. A few people have asked Wikipedia to link to our site, as we can supply them whatever documents are necessary to give SIST fair and balanced coverage, and Wikipedia has so far refused all offers.

This morning our website was attacked, but we were back online within minutes of discovering the problem. This isn’t the fist time that has happened, and it won’t be the last. But it has only made us more dedicated to our cause. After being on the receiving end of the animosity this subject has caused, one has to ask….What exactly is the cause of this barbaric treatment? Starting with Mayor Lorna Marquardt in Shawano, WI, all the way up the news media ladder to Katie Couric and Armen Keteyian at CBS, SIST has never been interviewed for their side of any issues. They have never had a chance to explain themselves and have faced a merciless onslaught of slanderous news reporting, unfounded accusations, and relentless, barbaric treatment at the hands of Judges, police, and other government officials. Who or what is behind all of this?

In my interview with the founder of SIST, he informed me that he was approached many years ago by missionaries who wanted him to convert to Christianity and move back to India. They wanted him to create internal chaos and turmoil in India, causing societal meltdown which would give missionaries easier access to convert Hindus and Muslims. By converting them to Christians, the missionaries knew there would be a genocidal breakdown of Native Indian culture; broken families, destroyed lives, disappearance of moral values, and obliteration of their spiritual beliefs. Only then would the missionaries be able to steal their land, export all of their natural resources, and rob the wealth of the country of everything that has been built up since the last Christian invasion by England.

The latest developments in SIST’s case have caused us to do a lot of research into who is behind the news media in the Wisconsin area.